A ROYAL MIX... NEW 2 yr Batch. royal icing pre mix

SOLD OUT!  Will be back in stock on 1/1/2023   Just in time for your Valentine's cookies!

A royal icing pre mix.  Finally!  This bag of Pre-Mix will save you money, time, and the struggle of making the perfect royal!    It has a 2 yr shelf life. Makes up to 8 lbs of Royal Icing.  Make as little as 1 or 2 cup recipe at a time.  That saves a lot of waste!  55% savings over ready to use 1 lb bags. No more putting left overs in the fridge and thowing it away a week or two later.  Great for piping, flooding cookies, meringues.  Even covering petit fours!   Just keep it on your shelf.   Simply mix with your confectionery sugar and water.  That's it!

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