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Gift Card MoreThanCake.Store

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This is the perfect gift!   Add a little flavor to someone's day!  

Gift Card codes are sent via email, to the email you provide in your order.  So pay attention if you want it to go directly to the recipient.  Most people prefer to send it with a personal message from their email.

Gift Cards have unique codes generated by a 3rd party.  We are not responsible for lost cards.   We suggest that you keep the info in your online wallet, or even save your email.  Gift cards can be used online or in person at a show.   All balances will be kept on cards for future uses.  No currency exchange is available.     It makes shopping at a show extra easy and more safe. No worries about anyone compromising your credit card.   It's also a wonderful gift to someone you love that is going to a show and might want to shop.  

Gift Cards are valid for ANY and ALL products in our online store.  Customer is responsible for shipping and any taxes like any other transaction.